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Practicing Radical Hospitality and Risk-Taking Mission and Service

We cultivate lives transformed through care for each other that  builds health and wholeness, and service in the world, individually and collectively, that demonstrates Christ’s love.

Loose Coin Offerings

Each Sunday all loose coin from the collection goes to a special mission project. Our congregation offers support for our own mission projects as well needs of the community.

Loose Coin for February 2017 to support Plymouth Presbyterian Church of St. Helens for their support of the city’s warming center

People who are homeless  in Portland and the surrounding communities with the bitterly cold and snowy weather continue to suffer. Four people died from exposure to the cold. The city of Portland has been working to open additional shelters for the homeless.

The Plymouth Presbyterian Church of St. Helens has been reaching out to the homeless and those in their community lacking heat due to power outages and low income. Our donations to the February Loose Coin will support their efforts