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Practicing Radical Hospitality and Risk-Taking Mission and Service

We cultivate lives transformed through care for each other that  builds health and wholeness, and service in the world, individually and collectively, that demonstrates Christ’s love.

Loose Coin Offerings

Each Sunday all loose coin from the collection goes to a special mission project. Our congregation offers support for our own mission projects as well needs of the community.

Loose Coin for March 2017 to support Good Neighbor Center

Good Neighbor Center is more than a place for families to sleep and eat, it is a place where families are transformed and become self-sufficient once more.

When families arrive, they are asked to do an assessment of where they are and what the barriers are to long-term stability. A Case Manager works with each family where they are and the family identifies where they want to be and a work plan is created to help them get on the track to become self-sufficient. Although each family is homeless, they are all facing barriers.

Weekly check-ins and assignments help families navigate the resources to assistance and finding jobs. During their six-week stay at the shelter, all clients are assigned household chores and must attend mandatory meetings. Life Skills, Healthy Relationships and Rent Well Classes are all taught weekly and any resident who is in shelter during the day must attend. Children must attend school and our Student Advocate runs a program in the afternoon called "Homework Club". Kids study and complete homework and also play various games and activities. 

During the summer, the Children’s Program offers an 10 week long summer school for school age children. The group spends mornings in the classroom, and is then transported to a park, the movies, or on a field trip. The field trips are to places like OMSI, the Oregon Zoo, Japanese Gardens, Sherwood Ice Arena, Tualatin River Wildlife Refuge, various museums, as well as to the King City Civic Association, who allow our children to use their outdoor pool every week.

The summer school program provides homeless and low income children in the community an opportunity to interact with peers, volunteers, and members of the community in a caring and a stress-free environment. The goal of the summer school program is that each student remains at grade level over break. For many children, the extra attention and the fun of learning with their peers, helps jump start them for the school year. 

For clients who have moved out of shelter into housing, staff support families in their effort to maintain stable housing, increase household income and reduce the need for public assistance.  For instance, the Housing Stabilization Program leverages rent subsidies in partnership with Washington County Department of Housing. 

They also place families into the federal Shelter Plus Care housing program.  Some clients receive weekly or monthly case management and many receive food boxes, clothing, school supplies, and money for the occasional prescription or utility bill to help families move toward independence.

Every year the Good Neighbor Center serves between 75-95 families consisting of 250-300 individuals.